• "Operation Snowball helped my child gain self-esteem and leadership skills over the 4 years involved.  It was so nice to know that when my child was going out and said I will be with friends from Snowball we did not have to worry."  –  Parent


  • "My teens made much healthier choices by being involved in Operation Snowball,  and this carried over into their college years." – Parent of two former members, one current member, and one future Snowball participant 


  • "Operation Snowball made a huge impact on all three of my teenagers. Snowball kept my kids on a positive, healthy path during their high school years, but the influence was life changing; it teaches these kids how to enjoy life and problem solve without drugs or alcohol. Operation Snowball gives teenagers self-esteem ,confidence and a connection with other healthy peers. It also gives them an opportunity to open up about peer pressure, bullying ,depression or other problems they may be experiencing and find solutions. Tim Baker, Melissa Byrne and the adult staff, do a tremendous job with the organization." – Parent