Greater Fox River Valley Operation Snowball (GFRVOS) is a community based alcohol, tobacco and other drug use prevention program focusing on leadership development to empower youth to lead drug free lives based in Geneva, IL.  The name originates from the idea that "If I can have a positive impact on you, you can have a positive impact on someone else and the effect snowballs."  Out of this concept emerges "A Community of Caring" – the success of Operation Snowball.

Operation Snowball seeks to bring together high school youth and caring adults to develop a trusting relationship.  It is founded on the belief that youth and adults can make responsible decisions when provided with factual information and an opportunity to develop an understanding of one's self and others.

Operation Snowball got its start back in 1977 in Rockford, IL when some participants of the Illinois Teenage Institute (ITI) came back to their community and thought, "we could do ITI back home!" Thus, Operation Snowball was created. In 1979, Operation Snowball, Inc. was created to make the program stronger and to spread the snowball idea to other communities.

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Our teen-community focuses on leadership development to empower youths to lead drug-free lives. GFRVOS is funded 100 % by donations.  To make a tax-exempt donation to help support scholarships for teens to attend the weekend events, please click the donate button.