Our Credo

We are a drug and alcohol prevention group.  A community of caring, bonded together by similar desires and comparable motivation. 

We are a peer leadership resource for youth, designed to equip young leaders with the skills to help and to lead others.

 We believe that each of us has the capacity and the right to make decisions regarding our life when given accurate information and guided to a clearer understanding of ourselves and the people and events which touch our lives.

As individuals, our influence is likely to be as light and fragile as a single snowflake.  Collectively, we have the force and power of an avalanche.

Through Operation Snowball, we mutually pledge to seek out youth who can join us in the struggle for growth and maturity in our efforts to share the task of keeping healthy teens healthy and the job of caring for others. 

We offer them understanding and love, respect and support in making appropriate decisions concerning their lives.

We give our time, our talent and our effort in service to our peers so that we together may meet the future as sensitive, responsible, and understanding persons.

WE…are Operation Snowball!!!


View & print our 2015 brochure:

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